Thursday, August 14, 2014

ACK Attack on the Diet Thing

Hey there! I am dieting (or if you'd rather use the politically correct term, "making a lifestyle change"). Either way, I began 3 days ago and of course I am already struggling. Not really with the loss of the things I hold dear, like a Pepsi or a large McDonald's Coke (light ice), or even sugar in general. I am dealing okay with that stuff (so far). I'm struggling with the fact that I poorly planned for this 'lifestyle change' and I didn't get a lot of alternative food from the grocery store and now I am starving and eating the same crap over and over again. So I am sitting here (or was before I starting writing this post - ADD in full-force) browsing Pinterest looking at Paleo recipes, trying to create a menu and from that a grocery list. I'm not really even doing a Paleo 'diet' but the foods that you can eat on Paleo are pretty much those I am aiming for anyhow, so that is where I am starting. And I am discovering that SO MANY of the foods I love already can be combined to make a delicious meal that is healthy for me. Turns out this isn't going to be so hard after all. I am pretty excited about this little recipe - it's quick, easy, and looks delish: Oven Baked - Avocado, Bacon & Eggs from The View From In Here. Want to Pin It for Later, here's my pin:

Photo Courtesy of: The View From In Here
By the way, I've lost 3 full pounds since Monday (3 days ago). Yay me!!!

And by the way, by the way, I am so super ADD (self-diagnosed) lately that you can't even believe how long it took me to write this post and mid-way through I had forgotten what my dang point way. haha Gotta love being me. xo