Monday, June 2, 2014

Say 'Ello to SUMMER My Friends ☼

So with summer quickly approaching, 19 days to be exact, I'm panicking a wee bit. I mean having a bunch of kids at home for almost 3 months straight is nothing new to me. In fact, I prefer vacation time - the slower pace of life, the decline of pressing engagements, the later bedtimes, and the SLEEPING IN (ah yeah)!!!

But as the kids get older (The ones at home are 5, 8, 10, 16, and 18) there are more arguments, fussing, bitching, complaining, 'I'm bored's, and messes. (Oh the freaking messes!) They are just harder to entertain, harder to keep happy, and harder to keep out of my hair. The one thing that is new to us this summer, that should prove to be my saving grace, is that we have a pool again. We haven't had one since 2003 and it has been heinous, truly.

So why am I more panicked THIS summer? Seems like it should be much easier but deep down inside I just know that somethings' a brewing. Plus I will start out the summer vacation 2 days after my Hysterectomy and Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (2 days hospital, 2 weeks of feeling like crap, and 6 weeks of not being able to drive), so they totally have the advantage if I give it to them. Consequently, I plan on getting ahead of the curve. I'm not letting them conquer me, they will not win. WE WILL HAVE PEACEFUL AND PLEASANT FUN, dammit!

This leads me to my next train of thought. (Trust me there are lots of trains running through this head.) How am I going to keep it all from getting out of control? For starters, I've been looking at my favorite blogs and Pinterest (of course) for ideas. I mean I don't really care if it is projects, games, drinks, snacks, or whatever; I just NEED IDEAS. Here are some of the ones I really like, how much peace they will bring is to be determined, but how much fun finding out...

This refreshing one is from:  i heart nap time - Fruit infused water, I honestly plan on making all of these this summer. Cause playing and swimming makes for thirsty work.

This one from Handmade Charlotte is to die for, Outdoor Playhouses. I am honestly and currently begging the husband to make this for me (ahem...the kids). And he's good like that. I know I can get him to do it. YAY me (ahem...yay kids)!!!

And here's the ultimate summer-night-fun-for-the-family, an Outdoor Movie Theater. I couldn't find the original source for this brilliant set-up but really no matter what you come up with on this front, the kids are going to be stoked! (I mean who are we kiddin' - I'm gonna be stoked.)

And now I'm asking YOU for YOUR IDEAS. What is your approach to the summertime drama? How do you keep your darling one's faces smiling?

Image cred­its (from the top): i heart nap time (photo 1), The Hand­made Home (photo 2), Home My Design (photo 3).