Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Best Friend Tug-O-War

That moment when you realize that your husband will always choose his best friend over you...

THIS is not a great feeling and it has been something that you were suspicious of for quite some time. There were whispers of it a along but you shrugged them off as 'crazy-wife-conspiracy-theories' for some odd years. And then there was 'the' moment, the moment that you had gone over in your head numerous times thinking 'I would be crushed if he made 'this decision over that decision'  but 'naw, he would never do that to me, he loves me with all of his heart.'!!! - and he chooses HIM!!!!

It isn't that he doesn't love you and it isn't that he wants to hurt your feelings - it is just some unnatural bond between a husband and his best friend that you just can't digest. I mean seriously, we LOVE our best friends, we'd fight tooth and nail for them (and have). Anyone that dares speaks out against them, BEWARE!!!! But there is/must be something different between that close male bond that differently defines the two types of BFF's. WE would never, ever, ever choose our best friend over our husband (no matter what the circumstances were), I mean HE IS OUR HUSBAND for goodness sake! But somewhere during the bonding of these two fools (ahem - I mean men) they have decided that wives-be-damned - if there is even a hint of allegiance being violated in the circumstance.

Sometimes I'm not sure if I envy this bond, this do-or-die commitment between friends or if I resent it. I tend to err on the side of resentment because after all, HE is the most important thing in MY LIFE, why should I not be HIS most important thing?!?!

Oh well, the Venus vs. Mars thing probably comes into play but who am I to judge? I'm just sitting here getting my feelings hurt.